Product Stewardship Policy

Product Stewardship Policy

Product Stewardship Policy

Product stewardship is vital to the Praxair mission of making our planet more productive. Our products meet a growing need for sustainable solutions in our world today, and we strive to deliver products of the highest level of quality with the lowest possible impact to human health and the environment.

The core objective of Praxair’s product stewardship activities is to promote continuous improvement in health, safety, and environmental protection for each of the company’s products. Management at all levels shall try to integrate this objective into all phases of product design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, customer hazard communication and customer support management systems.

In alignment with the Responsible Care® initiatives adopted around the world, Praxair is committed to:

  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations. 
  • Providing products that can be manufactured, stored, handled, transported, used and disposed of safely. 
  • Considering health, safety and environmental impacts in the innovation, design, development, and improvement of products, their manufacture, and uses. 
  • Lowering product toxicity and the level of toxicity of products used in Praxair manufacturing processes, through elimination of known or suspected high-priority toxicants or substitution with safer chemicals as required by applicable regulations. 
  • Monitoring and continuously improving the environmental, health and safety performance of our products and processes. 
  • Providing information to customers, distributors, suppliers, contractors, employees, and other stakeholders about the environmental, health and safety aspects of our products to foster the safe and secure use, storage, handling, transport and disposal of our products. 
  • Seeking and incorporating stakeholder input on product risk. 
  • Supporting education and research on the health, safety and environmental effects of Praxair's products and processes. 

Monitoring the development of emerging laws, regulations and standards that safeguard the community, workplace and environment.

This policy applies to Praxair worldwide. Ultimate responsibility for this policy rests with the senior vice president, a member of our executive leadership team. Management of this policy rests with the vice president, safety, health and environment.